Spotlight: Kimono

This week’s spotlight is a modern dressing of the kimono paired with a vintage red lip and a stylish little hat.

The kimono looks like a watercolour painting with a bit more pay-off in the pigment of the blues and magenta-like colours; the yellow is light and delicate, very reminiscent of watercolour paint.

In the obi there are swathes of purple and grey among black stripes to compliment the floral motif of the kimono. Lastly, a yellow obijime ties everything together. I love the added touch of lace gloves and the red lips.

An overall feminine and pretty look.

Image credit: unknown, please let me know if this is your work.

The Influence of Ukiyo-e in 19th Century Western Art

I read a lovely little >>article<< looking at the influence and importance of ukiyo-e, in particular the art of Hokusai, on Western art. The author of the article, Jason Farago, discusses the connection between Japanese print and its effect on Impressionism.

Since the age of fifteen, Impressionism has been my favourite art movement and since I’ve learned of the importance and the presence of ukiyo-e to the western movement both art styles hold equal love in my heart.

Spotlight: Painting

The Dragon of Smoke Escaping Mt. Fuji, 19th century, by the artist Hokusai.

This afternoon was one of yūgen: “a profound, mysterious sense of the beauty of the universe … and the sad beauty of human suffering”. One of my favourite aspects of studying the Japanese language and Japanese aesthetics is that I find the perfect words to describe what have, until recently, been ineffable thoughts or feelings.

おやすみなさい. Goodnight.

Harajuku Street Fashion

An impeccably chic outfit with corset, pleated skirt, and jacket. The short hair and lip-stain keep the look light and fresh.

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Yoshikimono – Tokyo Fashion Week 2015

Looking at the highlights from Tokyo Fashion Week, there is much I would like to archive on my blog, but seeing as it has been a long time since I’ve done a Spotlight: Kimono post I thought I’d devote an entire post to a much talked about collection showcasing modern kimono and kimono-influenced designs.

To go with "Japan-lifestyle-fashion, FEATURE" by Ammu Kannampilly  This picture taken on October 17, 2015 shows a model displaying a creation by Japanese rock star and kimono designer Yoshiki (L, playing the piano) at the YOSHIKIMONO first collection during the finale of the Tokyo Fashion Week in Tokyo. Tokyo fashion week drew to a close at the weekend showcasing a sexy new twist on the kimono, as the Japanese classic makes a quiet comeback into women's wardrobes.      AFP PHOTO / TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA

Yoshikimono is a collaboration of work between Japanese musician Yoshiki (pictured playing the piano) and Keigo Kano of Scope Coco Co., prestigious kimono makers in Kyoto. The brand showcases a modern and rock ‘n’ roll inspired kimono collection, a blending of Yoshiki’s background as the son of a kimono fabric dealer, and his career as a rock musician.


As a lover of traditional dress but also as an observer of the evolution of fashion, I cannot deny there is an aesthetic appeal to these designs. There will always be a place in my little heart for traditional kimono but I do love seeing kimono brought into the twenty-first century as well.

The short video below showcases much of this stunning collection.

The official >>Yoshikimono<< website.

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Spotlight: Kimono

Featuring Hotaru Tomoe (Sailor Saturn) fan art in a lovely kimono! Hotaru is my favourite Sailor Senshi, but if I’m perfectly honest, Usagi (Sailor Moon) and Setsuna (Sailor Pluto) are also equally my favourites. ^_^’

Image credit: unknown, if this is your work please let me know.